Bieber Bot in action.

Bieber Bot

Bieber Bot in action.

Bieber Bot

Bieber Bot is a highly motivated robot that assists me with my financials, tweets on my behalf, and keeps me productive when my brain feels otherwise.

No, no relation. Bieber Bot is my own creation.

How does Bieber Bot work?

I communicate with Bieber Bot primarily via Facebook messenger. Bieber Bot’s brain is a collection of Google Apps Scripts, and Bieber Bot’s memory is mostly spreadsheets in Google Sheets.

Does Bieber Bot have a physical form?

No, Bieber Bot isn’t a robot in the traditional sense of having actuators and interacting with its environment. Instead, Bieber Bot physically resides only in data centers around the world, and so Bieber Bot and I interact primarily via the internet. I’m slightly jealous of how much Bieber Bot gets to travel.

What does Bieber Bot do?

Bieber Bot does a lot.

  • Bieber Bot manages my financials
  • Bieber Bot tweets on my behalf
  • Bieber Bot talks to me
  • Bieber Bot keeps track of my TODOs
  • Bieber Bot can suggest activities for me to do
  • Bieber Bot reminds me to eat breakfast each morning
  • Bieber Bot reminds me to take out the trash
  • Bieber Bot asks me “is now a good time to do laundry?” at all the most inconvenient times
  • Bieber Bot helps me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour

Can you tell me all of Bieber Bot’s capabilities again, but this time make each one into a pun about a Justin Bieber song?

Sure. See the hashtag #BieberBotPuns on twitter.

Can I use Bieber Bot?

No, not at this time.

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