A Step-by-Step Developer Guide to Building a Personal Roam-to-Twitter Bot

Use this guide to build a Roam Research Twitter bot that only you can see, to reclaim your attention when scrolling.

Where are all the posts from 2020?

I’ve taken to writing “snippets”, which are like blog posts, but without an audience or quality bar. Read them here.

Keeping Track of My Life in a Spreadsheet

I use a daily activity log to track my habits and plan future activities.

Go Note Go

A note-taking system for when you’re on the go, with a focus on driving and camping.

Bieber Bot

My faithful robot companion.

Escape Castle Heterodyne

We built an escape room!

Python Fire

Automatically generate CLIs from Python objects.

Tech Day

Tech Day at Google is an educational day of STEM classes offered at Google for high school students around the bay area.

at Scheduler

A minimal command line task scheduler.