A Mostly-Complete List of Bieber Bot's Capabilities

Bieber Bot has an ever-growing list of capabilities. I’ve tried to capture that complete list here. Feel free to use Ask Me Anywhere to inquire about any of these features and leave some contact info if you’d like me to get in touch.

Timer-triggered capabilities:

  • Greetings, encouragement, and love!
  • Piano and violin reminders
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Reminders to reconnect with old friends
  • Reminders to exercise
  • Is now a good time to do laundry?
  • GoodReads updates
  • FocusMate session planning
  • TODOs of various kinds (TODO, tonight, tomorrow)
  • Reminders of the importance of eating soon after waking up
  • Facebook event tracking
  • Assert Baton reminders
  • Exercise Baton reminders
  • Tweeting scheduled Tweets
  • Transaction logging
  • Yearly payroll tracking
  • After work activity planning and reminders
  • After work activity suggestions when nothing is already planned
  • Sleep reminders

Chat-triggered capabilities:

  • Sending messages between David and Adriana
  • Violin, Piano, and Exercise tracking
  • Food suggestions
  • Suggests people or activities
  • Assert Baton and Exercise Baton passing
  • Baton status checking
  • Budget status checking (Why is this not on a timer too?)
  • Get BieberBot’s version number
  • Play Jeopardy (individually or against Adriana)
  • Play Jeopardy in Croatian (individually or against Adriana)
  • Add financial transaction details
  • Add TODOs
  • Send or schedule Tweets
  • Log activities
  • ACK! Any ol' text back to you (Great conversationalist!)

Other capabilities:

  • Logs financial transactions (triggered by credit-card swipes)

I think that’s all! May have missed some, and there are more planned, but this is a mostly-comprehensive list as of Feb 4, 2020.