Posting Snippets from My Phone

I’d like to be able to post snippets from my phone. As I’ve stated before, the purpose of the snippets section of my website is to lower the barrier to me publishing as much as possible. Being able to post a snippet from my phone would help in this respect.

This doesn’t seem so hard to set up, especially now that Bieber Bot runs continuously on my laptop. I could have Bieber Bot listen for a message like:

Posting Snippets from My Phone
I'd like to be able to post...

When he receives such a message, what should he do?

  1. Create a new file with the appropriate front matter and content.
  2. Commit that file and push it to GitHub.
  3. Run the ansible update script.

That’s it. This MVP should be relatively easy to get up and running.

Update: It is indeed up and running now. I wrote this snippet on my phone :).

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