The Snippets I Don't Publish

The goal of Snippets is to minimize the barrier to writing as much as possible. To this end, it has been very effective. Still, there are several snippets that I write and do not publish, despite my self-insistence that the barrier to publication be minimal.

What don’t I publish, and why? Looking over my recent unpublished snippets, some themes appear. Here’s what I don’t tend to publish:

  • Work related snippets
  • Ideas that trail off mid thought
  • Status update + planning snippets

I tend not to post work related snippets just to be on the safe side with respect to Google confidentiality, though I’m confident the snippets I’m writing would be OK to publish if I requested permission to do so (of course, that would raise the barrier to publishing significantly which defeats the purpose of snippets.)

This has a cascading effect though, because now when I write a status update or planning snippet, it references things I’ve written in unpublished snippets. Such a snippet wouldn’t stand alone effectively. I suppose that’s not such a problem though; if I ever post a snippet mentioning in-progress projects, feel free to ask me about them, or feel free to ignore. The main audience of the snippet is probably me.

In brief, the recent snippets I did not publish are:

  • A follow up to the “Infinite Distractions” plan
  • Considering discrete vs fuzzy decision making
  • Several activities I’d like to do more of, and strategies to help me to do them
  • A plan for biking the next day
  • An idea for how to teach Bieber Bot to ask and answer questions
  • Reflecting, work planning, and more Bieber Bot interaction planning
  • Some reflecting and daily planning (half work-related) from yesterday
  • A 4-line idea for queuing publication of snippets

Perhaps I’ll put a few of these up. I would, after all, like to get better at communicating publicly.