Publishing Through Roam Research

With this snippet I’m testing out a new snippet publishing system: publishing snippets directly from Roam Research. Using the system is simple: I simply tag any bullet with “ok-to-publish” and Bieber Bot publishes it and its children as a snippet.

Why another way of writing snippets? I’ve been writing quite a bit in Roam lately but I haven’t been publishing snippets lately. In truth, this new publishing mechanism is more a novelty than something practically useful. It would be easy enough to copy a snippet out of Roam into a text editor or to Bieber Bot in Facebook Messenger to publish it.

It certainly is appealing to be able to publish directly in Roam where I spend a lot of my time writing though. I think being able to publish directly from Roam may appeal to many other people as well.

The place where it may save time is in making changes to snippets. If I write a snippet in Roam today and publish it in the usual way, any changes I make it Roam aren’t reflected in the published version. Under this new system the copy on my website can automatically be updated to match the copy in Roam whenever I make changes there.

Anyway, I’ve marked this snippet as ok-to-publish, so once I build the system this should show up on my website. If you’re reading this there, it worked!

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