Asking for upvotes

Hello! Can I let you know when I post new content? In particular, can I let you know when I post things to e.g. Hacker News, which require upvotes to be seen? This should go without saying: there’s no pressure to actually upvote anything – but if you think my submission deserves it and you do upvote it, that’s much appreciated!

If Yes, let me know. You can let me know on Facebook messenger, or you can fill out this form. Info about the content-sharing group option below the fold.

“What’s a content-sharing group?”, you may be wondering. It’s a small Facebook messenger group where the social norm is to share your creative output. This is a place to share things you’ve made, posts you’ve written, or progress updates on your latest side-project. All sharing of this kind is welcome. Feel free to brag. Incremental updates are welcome too, so there’s no need to wait until a project is finished. It’s not spamming; it’s what the group is for! To join, just let me know or fill out the form and I’ll add you.