Two more Browserflow flows for Roam Research

I wrote three Browserflow flows for Roam Research today. None of them took me more than 20-30 minutes to write. The first one was for saving the current webpage to Roam. I wrote about that flow here.

The next flow I wrote is for saving any link you click on to Roam. The idea behind this flow is to prevent doing depth first exploration of the web. Better to look at a bunch of links and then later choose the most interesting, than to dive head first into the first link you click on.

Video of that flow here:

And then I also wrote a flow for saving highlights from any web page to Roam. You can see that flow in action here:

In this flow, whenever I press enter the text I’ve highlighted is saved to my Roam Research Daily Notes page.

Links to all the flows are in the video descriptions. Browserflow is currently in private beta. Looks like in the short-term DK will likely ask $20 for access to the private beta. You can join the waitlist at

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