Eleven: Table Tennis VR

Adriana and I recently acquired a VR headset (an Oculus Quest 2), and I bought the game “Eleven: Table Tennis VR”. My mind is blown. It’s like having a ping pong table that fits in your hands. You can bring it anywhere; it travels well. And if you do, you not only have everything you need to play ping pong (a table, paddles, $\infty$ balls, etc.) you also have thousands of people of every possible skill level always ready and eager to play.

When you enter the game, it’s like standing at a ping pong table. Toss the ball from one hand, hit it with the paddle in the other. Simple. The physics is realistic. Lag, when present, is handled pretty well. When you hit the ball into the net, you don’t have to reach over and pick it up. When you hit the ball out, you don’t need to walk over and pick it up. You have infinity balls, and can play against AI opponents with infinity patience. You can play against real people too.

I’m beyond excited by this game. Being able to play ping pong with anyone around the world from the comfort of my own home is a science fiction future turned reality I didn’t realize I was missing. If you have the game – it works on all sorts of different VR systems with cross-system play handled just fine – do let me know. I would love to say hi over a game of table tennis.

I expect multiple future snippets will contain musings about directions the game could go in, and I very much looking forward to seeing the game develop. 🏓