Browserflow is live!

Browserflow is live! Beyond exciting!

Congratulations to DK on the launch. For those not familiar, Browserflow is a simple low/no-code browser automation chrome extension that DK’s been diligently working on for over a year (read his journey over at; he’s an excellent writer!). You can automate anything in the browser with it, and it comes with a nice typeahead for launching flows from anywhere, as well as a Browserflow Cloud service that lets you schedule your flows to run in the cloud.

My favorite use cases for Browserflow are note-taking. Run a flow and then everything you highlight gets copied into Roam. Change the flow a little, and you can use keyboard shortcuts to control how the notes get organized.

Other people use flows for scraping info off Twitter, or lead generation, or monitoring stock prices. It’s a super general purpose tool. There are so many things you can do with it; it really has so much potential.

Web scraping and browser automation aren’t new of course, so what makes Browserflow special? It’s got craftsmanship. Browserflow is super easy to use, and it feels good to use all the while. DK has really paid close attention to the details to make it work well.

Take scraping Twitter, for example. In Browserflow, writing a for loop over all the Tweets on a timeline is trivial. If you were to attempt that with an alternative like Tampermonkey or Selenium, it would be considerably more difficult. You’d need to think about how the DOM is changing as you scroll, and which tweets you’ve already considered. Browserflow takes care of the details for you so you can focus on writing the logic that matters to you.

Give it a try today at