Keeping my phone in the kitchen

I’ve decided to keep my phone in the kitchen while I’m in the house. The goal is to reduce scrolling in the morning and evening, and prevent distractions more generally. By keeping the phone in the kitchen, I’ll be unable to scroll mindlessly when I first wake up (unless of course I go to the kitchen to do so).

Hopefully by putting this intention up on my website, by having it in writing, by leaving it in a place where others could theoretically have read it, I am more likely to stick to this intention (both the spirit and the letter of it) for a longer period of time.

Since I don’t yet know how this will go, or when I’ll first forget about it, I’ll pick a date now to check in on it. August 19, 2021. On August 19, 2021, six weeks from today, I’ll reevaluate this decision. If I like it, probably I will recommit to it for an additional period of time. If it wasn’t working for me, no harm done.