Go Note Go is public

Go Note Go is public! I’ve been working on this for two weeks now, and today I made it public!

Read all about it here.

What is it? Go Note Go is a note-taking system for when you’re on the go, with a focus on driving and camping.

In short, it’s a portable keyboard with a microphone and speakers and a beautiful handheld button that you can use to take notes anywhere at all. Driving? Push the button and speak your notes. Camping? Type on the keyboard, powered by a battery pack. The battery lasts all day, and the notes will be uploaded to your central note-taking system as soon as internet becomes available.

Have a look. Let me know what you think! I’ve been using it as I develop it over the last two weeks and I really love it. I keep it by my computer during the work day. I took it with me to my table tennis tournament yesterday. I’ve brought it to the beach. There’s no cognitive overhead. There’s no latency to slow down your thinking. Just speak, or type, and it works.

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