Snippets in Other Languages

Bonjour, hello.

Puedo escribir en otras linguas. No necessito escribir todos mis snippetos en Inglés. Como se dice “snippets” en Español? Parece que la palabra es fragmentos, pero la sección es mía, y puedo llamarlo lo que quiero. Por ahora, los llamaré “snippetos”.

En particular… želim pisati na hrvatski. Svaki dan učim hrvatski, ali sam još uvijek beginner. Čitam za učenje. Radim flashcards i radim spaced repetition, ali ja sum na Chapter 17, a ima 100 Chapters.

Hay mucho que aprender.

Kako se kaže “beginner”, “chapter”, “17”, “100”, “flashcard”, i “spaced repetition” na hrvatski? Google Translate kaže “beginner” je “početnik”, “chapter” je “poglavlje”, “17” je “sedamnaest”, “100” je “sto”, “flashcard” je “flash kartica”, i “spaced repetition” je “razmaknuto ponavljanje”.

Haré flash kartice para estas palabras.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that I can use snippets to practice writing in languages I’m not comfortable with. This would be so difficult with a traditional blog, because the readership wouldn’t be there, the comfort level wouldn’t be there. Try to imagine it: a traditional blog, or a blog with thousands of regular readers (or even dozens), sending out a post like this one. The audience wouldn’t be interested; they don’t speak the language the post is written it, and the quality is low. Most writers wouldn’t do it, and the audience wouldn’t respond well if they did.

I don’t have those problems, and this brings me a lovely feeling of satisfaction. The snippets system is excellent to me. Of course, the trade-off is clear. There is no regular readership to be turned off by a post like this. To me, this is indubitably worthwhile.

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