Go Note Go Writing Volume

Lately I’ve been writing a lot, but not putting up any new snippets. Where has all the writing gone? Into Go Note Go.

It has been 150 days since I started Go Note Go. I have written on Go Note Go on 91 of those days, producing 54,000 words. I’ve spent a little over 24 hours total doing so, making my writing speed a bit shy of 40 wpm.

I review more of my Go Note Go writing than I might expect, given its volume and that none of it has translated into published snippets. Since turning Go Note Go into an outliner, the experience of reviewing my writing has been much more comfortable than it was previously.

When I write in Go Note Go using the “Roam Research” uploader, my writing is divided into “sessions”. Each session starts with a line containing only the time. The rest of the writing is nested beneath.

When I review my writing in Go Note Go, I do so session by session, putting a summary of the session in that top line of the session, and then collapsing the session. Often the top line is a block-reference to one or more of the lines from the session. For example,

This compresses the 600 words I might write on a given day and presents them in a series of often 10 or fewer individual lines.

While I like that I can and do review my writing to a greater degree than expected, I think there’s still substantial improvement to make in the review-and-reuse experience. In particular, one idea I’m excited about and which I’ve been writing about in Go Note Go a fair amount, is hiring someone to review my notes and process them into a summary / a newsletter for myself.

My thinking there is that I write a lot and there is definitely more in my writing than fits in my working memory at any time (this idea, that I want access to more than fits in working memory, has been recurring a fair amount lately). By leaning on another person, I can more effectively resurface the ideas that I most want to revisit. I’m posting this snippet as is, but this idea itself is one I’m eager to revisit in the future.

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