Writing Another Snippet on Go Note Go

After thinking through the tension between Go Note Go and snippets yesterday, I now wonder if there’s a good way to write a snippet draft on Go Note Go. I’ve done so once before, when Go Note Go was only two weeks old, so I know it’s possible. But five months later I’ve written many snippet-worthy ideas on Go Note Go, but no additional snippets, which leads me to ask “why?”.

The first question I would need to answer is at what point during the writing of a snippet draft do I have to know that I’m writing a snippet draft. If I have to know upfront, that suggests one interface, whereas if I discover halfway into writing something that I think I’m writing a snippet draft, that suggests a different UX.

If I know upfront, I can create a new session (in the Roam uploader) using shift-enter, and then I can simply type the full snippet draft. That’s what I’m doing now.

If, however, I discover midway into typing something that I’m typing a snippet draft, then it may begin in the middle of a session. This isn’t such a big deal; when I clean up the draft I can remove the initial segment that isn’t meant to be part of the snippet. The start of the snippet, when I didn’t know I was writing a snippet, might be muddier than the rest, but that doesn’t stand in the way of producing snippet-quality content.

In both cases, I’ll want a way to indicate that I’ve written a snippet draft so that I can find it later. (At this point in the snippet writing I encountered a bug – notes that contained quotation marks were being dropped! I’ve now fixed this bug, and am recreating the lost content from this snippet as follows.)

A simple option is to use a hashtag to indicate where a snippet draft lives. If I were working in Roam directly, I would use a two-word hashtag, “#[[Snippet draft]]”. However, this is a mouthful to type on Go Note Go, which lacks autocomplete (how do you design an autocomplete experience suitable for a headless keyboard?), since getting all that syntax exactly correct is tricky (a hash and double-brackets!).

If instead we adopt the hyphenated #snippet-draft then the double-brackets become unnecessary. Still simpler is the single word #draft. This seems the easiest to get right consistently if I’m going to be typing it in the dark while half asleep.

So, I think I’ll adopt that convention for now, and revisit later as needed (it seems unlikely it will be needed.)


This system seems great for writing snippet drafts at GNG when I’m in a comfortable typing position, such as at a desk. There does seem to be something missing for when I’m drifting off to sleep though, as I often am when using GNG. I’m currently comfortably stationed at a desk, so I’ll defer thinking through the sleep-GNG-usage snippet writing scenario until after I sleep on it some.

Having now completed this snippet draft, I’m going to head to a computer with a monitor in order to publish it.

(Hello from the computer-with-monitor! This snippet is headed for publication now!)

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