Everyday Robots

Whoa! Hello there! Can’t wait to learn what you can do!

I say “Can you check the time for me?” and you walk over to a clock and look at it.

Can you see how much shampoo is left?
Send me a picture of what’s in the fridge.
Take out the trash.
Check if the milk is spoiled and put it in the trash.
Very gently move the jigsaw puzzle into the other room.
Quick! Unplug the toaster!

Put out the fire.
Can you plug my phone in, please?
Open the window?

Let’s rearrange the furniture – where do you think the couch should go?
Can you check what page I was on in my book? I think it’s on the couch.
Can you help me find my keys?

Help me install this sconce.
Make the bed.
Do the dishes.
Clean the counter.
Vaccuum the carpet.

Can you open the blinds for me in the morning?
Please have breakfast ready at 8am.
Do you remember if I brushed my teeth yet?

Let’s work out together.
Let’s dance.
Now, let’s play a board game.
Can you write a letter?
Can you write a letter in my handwriting??

Put on this motion capture device, we’re going to calibrate you.
Bring me my own motion capture device – I want to collect some practice demonstrations for you.
I seem to have left my motion capture device in New Haven, so watch carefully – I’m going to show you how I clean the mirror.

First I pick up this bottle, and I make sure the spray nozzle is set to the on position. It says “On” here.
Then I point the bottle at the mirror and spray like this, pulling the trigger to spray.
I wipe the wet off the mirror to remove any dirt that built up.
Now you try.
Oh, the way I know if I succeeded is the mirror looks clean!
Give it a few tries. You’ll figure it out.

Oh wow, you got it on your first try – I guess this isn’t a new skill for you?
Oh, someone taught you on a different mirror somewhere else around the world, so you already knew how to do this.
But you still had to figure out how to do it in this new environment, and you did great!

Can you clean up the mess you made when you dropped that plate earlier?
Ouch! You rolled over the dog’s tail!
Negative reward! “No”, “No…”, “Bad robot…"

“Very good!"

Oh wow, thank you for this unprompted gift – yes, you get reward for that, that was wonderful, that was very kind.

Thank you for the elbow pat, little robot.

Don’t forget to oil your joints!
Let’s order some new oil for you.

Hmm, encoding your reward to just my voice doesn’t seem sufficient with the hacks going around – we’ll need a password or 2fa chip as well.
What a shame.

Does it make you sad that I’m thinking about buying a newer model?
I’m gonna miss you everyday, Robbie.

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