Learning to Communicate

My goal for 2020 is to learn to communicate better with the world. I work in a research group at Google, and our main job function is performing research in program synthesis. But research is only as valuable as how well it is communicated. So in 2020 I’d like to get better at communicating publicly.

There are a few options for doing this. The first is writing blog posts. This may be too large an undertaking to do frequently. I’d really like something that’s lower barrier to do, and with a lower quality bar, so that I can do this more often. The natural alternative with these properties is academic Twitter. However, I want to avoid the addictive nature of Twitter. I also want to write more than 280 characters at a time, and I don’t want to put every little thing I write in front of people’s faces with equal importance. Twitter seems a good place for announcing a new paper or a Python Fire update, but not for sharing a musing like this one.

So instead I think I’m going to start by silently posting my writings to my website, but in a separate section from the main blog. This way when there’s something with a little more polish that I think is explicitly worth reading, I can put it in the main blog section and tweet about it, etc.

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Happy early new year!

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