2020 Resolutions

I’ve set New Year’s Resolutions most years for the last several years. Let’s review:

Year Resolution Status Result
2019 Play violin on 100 days Played on 43 days Nope
2017 Longer arms Yesssss!
2015 Exercise 200 days
Read 200 days
Exercise: 200 days by summer
Reading: (look this up)
2013 100 days of push ups 145 done by December Yes!

The missing entries I don’t recall or have readily available, but I had goals in those years too.

This year, I add a new resolution to the table:

Year Resolution Status Result
2020 Communicate publicly 100 times **Finger’s crossed** TBD!

What counts as “communicating publicly”?

  • A snippet like this one
  • Giving a tech talk
  • Writing a blog post
  • Publishing a paper
  • Uploading a video

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