Biking in the Morning

Some of the snippets I did not publish were about my plans for biking in the morning. For the last several days I’ve been biking to East Rock each morning, doing so before starting work on work days. I bring my pocket-sized keyboard and my phone, and when I’m at the top of the Rock I use my friend Jacob Cole’s app, ThoughtStream, to write about whatever’s on my mind. Sometimes this is a potential snippet, and sometimes it’s just planning for the day.

I really like this routine but I’m not confident that I’ll continue it. Consistently getting up early for an extended period of time can be challenging, and I’m not inclined to set an alarm to help. Also, the weather is getting cooler.

I certainly hope that I continue this routine, and I intend to maintain it. I simply don’t know that I will, and don’t feel confidently enough that I will to make any sort of declaration or commitment to doing so. Is there a name for this type of goal? I think “intent” is appropriate, but doesn’t capture the aspirational aspect of it. For now lets call it an “aspirational intent”.

I aspirationally intend to keep biking to East Rock most mornings, until the weather gets too cold to permit doing so.