ffmpeg aspirations

  • turn a collection of photos into a slide show
  • set it to music
  • add gentle transitions, like a slow pan of the camera
  • fade the music in and out to change songs
  • given a file of time stamp ranges, clip to just those parts of the file
  • given a file of timestamp ranges, each with a speed multiplier, adjust the speed of each clip and stitch together the clips

I have code that does this last one already, but I suspect it can be orders of magnitude faster done as an ffmpeg command compared with the way I’m doing it now.

Turn a collection of photos into a slide show:

ffmpeg \
  -r 1/5 \
  -pattern_type glob -i "/Users/dbieber/Documents/video/raw/*.png" \
  -c:v libx264 \
  -r 30 \
  -pix_fmt yuv420p \

Next up, I’ll see if I can add some audio, and I’ll work my way down the list.

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