Recording in virtual reality (incomplete)

This is an incomplete snippet. If I complete it, I’ll add a link to the completed snippet here.

The default format for recording in virtual reality is a first-person perspective1. Often this is placed side-by-side with a third-person perspective of the person in real life2. I would like to see the same perspective of the player in VR and real life3.

Recording the same perspective of the player both in-game and in real life makes it easier to mentally translate between the real life movements of the player and their in-game effects. It also enables overlaying the two views for a smooth transition between the two domains. For example, you can split the screen in the middle of the player’s body, showing half in the VR domain and half in the real domain.

This opens up the potential for low friction, minimal fuss streaming controls for streamers to use mid-game. It only takes one button or D-stick dedicated to controlling the camera to let a player toggle between streaming a fully VR perspective, a fully real life perspective, and something in between.

  1. First-person perspective in VR. First-person perspective. ↩︎

  2. TODO(dbieber): Add an image of a third-person perspective in real life of someone using VR. ↩︎

  3. TODO(dbieber): Add an image showing the same perspective in VR and real life. ↩︎

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