March 2021 Peer Learning Group Topics

We have two simultaneous Peer Learning Groups running this month, one on all manner of miscellaneous topics, and one specifically on climate change. Here are the topics we’re learning about in each.

Misc topics:
March 2: Laser eye surgery
March 12: Open-endedness in AI, evolution, and generative art
March 15: The Alexander technique
March 18: Game theory
March 21: A taxonomy of humor
March 22: Perspectives on finance and law
March 24: Postmodernism through Lyotard
March 27: Aging Biology
March 28: Nutrition science

Climate change topics:
March 3: Oil pricing
March 8: Forecasts uncertainties (and expected values)
March 13: Physics of climate change
March 13: Greenhouse effect and atmospheric circulation
March 17: Organizational climate change efforts
March 22: Synthetic meat