Notes from setting up a new computer

1. Configuring Chrome

Log into my personal account and my corp account. Chrome extensions sync automatically. A few of them prompt me to log in. No hassle here.

2. Downloading Staple Software

Download Sublime Text. Download Spectacle. Remap modifier keys. Configure Spectacle.

3. Set up Terminal

Set theme. Copy in bashrc. Install Brew. Install pyenv. Add ssh key to GitHub. Clone website. Install emacs. Configure git. Commit this snippet. Set up virtualenvwrapper. Clone supervisor config. Sublime Package Manager. INI syntax highlighting. Map shift-delete, option-delete, and ctrl-delete in Terminal to \027, \027, \033\177 respectively.

4. Personal projects

Install supervisor. Clone personal projects (snippet-publisher, messager, fb-chat-spreadsheet-updater, cloudbrowser, distraction_detection, kangaroo-auto-responder, private-bieber-twitter, screencapture, local-python-libraries). Install requirements. Install jupyter.

Note: brew install leveldb before pip install plyvel. brew install redis. Download Hugo. brew install node. brew install postgres. npm install –save-dev babel-cli. npm install -g parcel-bundler. npm audit fix. Hugo assets may need permission changes. pip install psycopg2-binary. Run python develop in messenger/, local-python-libraries/. Copy messager settings. Modify fbchat source. Log into messager. Install Docker.

Start supervisor.

5. It continues

Arrange displays. Install gcloud (brew install –cask google-cloud-sdk). Install Browserflow. Set up Ferdi. Set screenshot directory.


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