Find yourself typing t-ENTER often?

A common attention pitfall is to mindless type cmd-t t ENTER. cmd-t creates a new tab. “t” autocompletes to ENTER. Four keystrokes and you’re scrolling. “r” for reddit. “f” for facebook. etc.

Less than a second of mindless activity, leading to hundreds of seconds (minutes? hours?) of scrolling that you didn’t intend to do.

Here’s the solution. Delete websites from your browser’s autocomplete.

It’s easy to do. On Mac, it’s fn-shift-delete. On Windows, just shift-delete.

Just select the website from Chrome’s dropdown and press fn-shift-delete, and the website is removed from your browser’s autocomplete.

In Firefox, it’s even easier: just press shift-delete.

Eventually the websites will make their way back into your autocomplete, but it will take a while for this to happen. And when it does, now you know what to do: fn-shift-delete.