Decentralized Global Spaced Repetition (incomplete)

I envision a decentralized global spaced repetition system (DGSRS). Anyone in the world can participate, submitting entries that they’d like the world to remember. To participate, you both need to review entries that others want reviewed, and submit an occasional entry yourself.

There are two main benefits to the individual participating in the DGSRS:

  1. You can ensure that the idea you care about is never forgotten.

  2. You can be exposed to interesting new ideas

Roughly, the system acts like this:

Each participant can submit entries. When an entry is submitted, provided the submitter is in good standing and the entry doesn’t get flagged as being inappropriate or out of scope (too hard for a single entry, nonsense, etc), the system guarantees the entry will be remembered forever.

This is appealing to countries trying to preserve a language, to researchers who think they have a good idea that the world isn’t latching on to, to conlang enthusiasts trying to bring a new language into existance, to first-time authors, and to creatives.