Brainstorming How to Replicate AIM Statuses Today

How do we bring back reliable aim statuses?

I’d like for folks to know if someone is genuinely available for a conversation.

Some options:

  • Could just ask.
  • Could post statuses on social media.

Neither of these really appeal to me. They feel kind of heavyweight. I guess, of the two, the former is more appealing. The latter would require rewriting social conventions a bit too much.

Maybe if the “asking” felt automated, like if there was a pre-written canned message (that explained that it was a canned message), it could feel more lightweight. For example:

“Hi, David Bieber would like to know if you’re available for a conversation now-ish. It’s not urgent. No need to respond if you’re not available. If you are available, Hi! Otherwise, you can just ignore this. -Bieber Bot”

Signing it Bieber Bot is supposed to indicate it’s a pre-written message, but I’m not sure if that comes across. Maybe adding “(This is a pre-written message.)” would be safer.

Later, when people see that message for the second/third/nth time, they won’t have to read the whole thing, just seeing the general shape of it will be enough.

But it will still contain it’s full meaning.

I guess that’s similar in spirit to the kangaroo 🦘.

Sending the message for the first time though, still would feel heavy. Only the nth time would feel light. This seems surmountable though. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

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