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Travel can be disruptive to habits

Choosing My Own Morning Routines

New Bedtime

Conversational Spaced Repetition

Less Twitter. Less Facebook. Less HackerNews.

Strategic Life Thinking

Say What You Think

Food Preferences

Violin Tuner Experiment

Musical Aspirations

Pursue Your Dreams

What's alive in you?

Lower Bound Tech Tree (Incomplete)

Personal Newsletter (Just for me)

Writing a Tampermonkey Script with GPT-4

Everyday Robots

On why writing is hard

Things you can do on the computer to get you off the computer

On the value of repetition

A Complete and Concise List of Go Note Go's Features

Sleeping with GPT

Explicit Ontologies in a World Without

Castles in the Clouds: Why we believe what we believe

Thoughts on ChatGPT

Spicing Up Your Conversations: The Power of Salt, Acid, Fat, and Heat

Ugh Task Night

The Dream of Just One Inbox

Logging into a Twitter App with OAuth

Hugo Layouts for this Website

Keyboards, keyboards, everywhere, and not a spot to think

Focus on the Task of Focusing on the Task (Incomplete)

The Medical Test Paradox Paradox

Dealing with Giant Group Chats

Using Discord for my website's comments section

Chat by Tag

Taking Your Co-Working Sessions to the Next Level

My strategies for keeping my attention

Writing Another Snippet on Go Note Go

The Go Note Go / Snippets Divide

Go Note Go Writing Volume

Applying Lessons from Snippets to LaLTaL

Pursuing your dreams

Two Snippets I want to write about GNG and Messager

I made a new Post, but why?

Efficient Minds Fallacy

Go Note Go Messager without Pixel-Space Automation

Brainstorming How to Replicate AIM Statuses Today

Amazon Cloud Kitchen

We Could Use Augmented Reality to Simulate Prosopagnosia

Amazon Beans: Only Pay for What You Eat

The Future of Automation Software

Study Group for 9.13 The Human Brain

Draft Instructions for Flashcard Collection Task

BIRDS: Bidirectional incremental real-time data synchronizers

Save my spot! Finer-grained bookmarks for incremental reading

Organizing a Twitter Discussion: Gathering Twitter Replies

Snippets in Other Languages

Machine Learning Journal of Hypotheses

Potential Improvements to Spaced Repetition

DDoV for DAOs

Machine Learning and Automation Ideas for Note-taking

Go Note Go Hardware

Health Insurance DAOs

Snapshot of my tags

Rough Note-taking Interop Requirements

Note-taking System Interoperability

Spaced Repetition Update

Writing a Snippet with Go Note Go

Go Note Go is public

Embedded Roam Research

GPT-3 for Spaced Repetition

Phone in the kitchen evaluation

Codex as a Programming Language

Decentralized Global Spaced Repetition (incomplete)

Spaced Repetition at a Community Scale

CRISPR Gardening

Browserflow Note-taking Flow

Why table tennis strokes end at the forehead

Weak and Strong Law of Large Numbers

Notes from setting up a new computer

Why do table tennis strokes end at the forehead?

Keeping my phone in the kitchen

Assorted Laptop Price Comparisons

Reconstructing RL table tennis points in VR

Resuming habits

Serving in table tennis

Responding to side-spin

Backhand flicks, drives, loops, and pushes

Can I put a spreadsheet into Ferdi?

A torrent of snippets!

Areas of table tennis to improve at

Browserflow is live!

How to qualify for the US Olympic table tennis team

You Have 30 Days to Request a Review

Writing in the woods


Tags on Snippets

Making a Browserflow Flow for Eleven Table Tennis VR

Recording in virtual reality (incomplete) A new soil marketplace

Sensible units -- Per capita isn't enough

What links here?

Incomplete snippets

Sensible units -- Per capita isn't enough (incomplete)

Early to bed, so no snippet

Python set operations

Virtual table tennis coaching

Resuming snippet writing?

Eleven: Table Tennis VR

Learning about Oil Pricing

Learning about LASIK

March 2021 Peer Learning Group Topics

Simplest Possible Case of the Efficient Minds Hypothesis Failing

Healthy Games Inter-company Compact

The Efficient Minds Hypothesis

Brainstorming: Roam Terminal

Snippets Dry Spell

Magic Functions in Python

The Python Fire shebang

Two more Browserflow flows for Roam Research

Saving URLs to Roam with Browserflow

JavaScript Functions for Inserting Blocks in Roam

Find yourself typing cmd-t t ENTER often?

What does Browserflow do beyond what Tampermonkey does?

Repurposing my Twitter Feed

Peer Learning Group Sign Up

Ways to improve Peer Learning Group

A Flow for Focused Reading

Focused Reading Browserflow Flow Idea

Asking for upvotes

SQL for the Kangaroo Auto-responder

Kangaroo Auto-responder

Notifications in Roam Research

Peer Learning Group Feedback

Margin notes

am I available for conversation right now dot com

Clubhouse feature request: save last 60 seconds

Python hoist: immediate locals only

Refrigerator insight

Python hoist()

Introducing Peer Learning Group

Plugged directly into the internet

Limitations of Democratic Delegation-optional Voting

Democratic Delegation-optional Voting

A filesystem for social media

Mobile Distraction Detection, at last

Will it be harder to write snippets now?

Distraction detection: Proto acquired!

A social network for slow long-form discussions

Brains Don't Do Solomonoff Induction

ffmpeg aspirations

More Datalog Queries for Roam

2020 Resolution Check-in

Spaced Repetition in Roam Research

Programmatically Accessing Chrome's “Tabs from other devices” Data

Where do thoughts come from? A thought experiment.

Publishing Blog Posts from Roam Research Quickly and Automatically

Even Faster Snippet Publishing from Roam

Python's strip, lstrip, and rstrip in JavaScript

Improving Roam Snippet Publishing Speeds

Datalog Queries for Roam Research

Looking back on my browsing history snippets

Derivative of Softmax and the Softmax Cross Entropy Loss

Brainstorming “Mandatory Reading” for Dodam

4.2e-8 of All of Human Experience


Updating Google Slides through Roam Research

Publishing Through Roam Research

Letting Adriana put things in my Leitner Box

Extracting Snippets from Roam Research

Questions to Answer About Python Fire

An Update on my 2020 Resolution

Biking in the Morning

Introducing the Snippet Queue

Further Reducing the Publication Barrier with Queuing

The Snippets I Don't Publish

Checking Your Fan Speed and CPU Temperature on Mac OS (2020)

Infinite Distractions and Getting a Good Sear

Why Phone Snippets (A Test Phone Snippet)

Posting Snippets from My Phone

Writing with GPT-3

Deep Variational Information Bottleneck

Downloading the Online Encylopedia of Integer Sequences

Facebook Mobile Website: News Feed in Chronological Order

Accessing Your iMessages with SQL

Taking Notes While Browsing the Web: An Idea for a Roam Research Plugin

Posting to Hacker News Programmatically

Detecting My Sleeping Hours from Data

Daily Summaries of Browsing History

Roam Research's JSON Export Format

Date and Time Browser History Queries

Simplifying SQL Queries with "WITH"

Facebook Messenger SQL Queries

More Browser History Queries

Tips for Effective OBS

Exploring OBS and Virtual Cameras

Understanding OAuth2

A Bit of Browser History Analysis

Principles of Pico

Fastbook: Listen to Audiobooks Faster

Video Tooling Progress

Jump-Cut Programming: Take 1

The Future-Predicting Game Show Host

A Mostly-Complete List of Bieber Bot's Capabilities

What's Next for Ask Me Anywhere?

Ask Me Anywhere

How much time has humanity spent on different areas of science?

Say One Thing Well

Writing Assistant Tool Idea

Learning by Teaching in Online Education

What does "Ordinary" mean in Ordinary Least Squares?

pyd-swyt; cf-bh-din

What to do in Moments of Internet Addiction

2020 Resolutions

Writing for No Audience

Planning to Analyze My Browsing History

Today I Learned the Word Feedingstuffs

Learning to Communicate

Snippets for

Discussion 💬